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The Essential Guide to
Understanding and Funding Senior Care

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Evaluate Senior Living Options for Your Loved One

Strategize a Smooth Transition into Care

Ensure Your Loved One’s Safety and Companionship

About The Co-Authors

Jen & Mike

Jen & Mike

Mike Giancanelli has worked in Sacramento, California as a REALTOR since 1990, a rewarding career where he’s helped people transition through all phases of their lives, he’s also an investor in a wide array of properties. He has three grown sons, Michael, Matthew, and Nicholas, who he’s fortunate to guide as they invest in real estate for their own families. Mike earned his Senior Transition Specialist designation in November 2021, and his Senior Real Estate Specialist designation from the National Association of Realtors in June 2022.

Jennifer Yoder is a mother to four children who participate in a myriad of activities, as well as a REALTOR and community activist. Before raising children, Jennifer was involved in government affairs, where she focused on healthcare and understood the complexities of navigating the healthcare system. Jennifer’s grandmother passed due to complications from Alzheimer’s disease, she watched her family struggle to care for her grandmother in-home and then pay for her care in a memory care home. Jennifer is dedicated to working with professionals in the senior care community to help other families get the best care possible for their loved ones.

Together, Mike and Jennifer formed Sierra Home Transitions to help relieve the stress of transitioning out of your home so you, or your loved ones, can move on to the next chapter of life. Your home may be your biggest asset. We’ll help you determine your best option, whether that means us listing your home or purchasing your home, to more quickly turn your home into care.


Ben Rao

Ben Rao is an author, serial entrepreneur, business coach, philanthropist and senior care advocate who lives in Lee’s Summit, Missouri (outside Kansas City, MO).

Ben experienced first-hand the emotional and financial struggle that families face when he was unexpectedly confronted with the reality of transitioning his own father into senior care. He was challenged by the lack of direction and resources available for a process that nearly all of us will eventually need to go through. That experience inspired Ben to use his personal and professional experience in the long-term care industry to help families transition their loved ones into senior care.

About Us

At Sierra Home Transitions, we focus on providing a seamless home selling process. We are flexible and creative and work to find a solution that meets the needs of the seniors and their families. Our goal is to get your family the most money possible in the shortest time and turn their biggest asset into care.


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